Senior Home Care services in Lisbon and Porto

Puro Cuidado – Senior Home Care, is a company specialized in home care, which provides an excellent level of service in the comfort of your home. We are specialists in home care services and support for seniors, in the region of Greater Lisbon, namely in the areas of Cascais, Sintra, Oeiras, Almada, Amadora, Vila Franca de Xira, Odivelas, among others.

Puro Cuidado consists of an experienced, responsible, and motivated team of professionals who ensure the quality of life and comfort of our clients in their daily lives. Being a Portuguese-based company, most of our care takers is Portuguese-speaking, however, we also have amongst our team English-speaking, French-speaking and Spanish-speaking care takers.

With the help of a wide and diverse range of carefully selected professionals, we provide our clients assistance and care tailored and customized to their needs, as well as those of the rest of the household.

Puro Cuidado Senior Home Care

Vision, Mission and Values

To be a company of reference in the field of Home Care for seniors or other people with special needs, providing our clients and their families the best quality of life in the comfort of their home.
To contribute to our clients’ serenity and well-being, in the most professional way, providing them services that simplify their daily lives. We aim to support senior people, which are in a situation of total or partial dependency, during specific periods or continuously.
To provide home care services in the homes of our clients and their families, supporting them with the execution of the daily tasks within the scope of comfort and personal hygiene, with high levels of quality, care, and attention. To guarantee customer satisfaction in an environment of comfort and personal prosperity, with the purpose of making our clients more independent and confident in their recovery.

Puro Cuidado Senior Home Care

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We provide an excellent service in the comfort of your home

Senior Home Care services in Lisbon and Porto.

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