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Home Hospitalization

Home Hospitalization, as a model for providing care at home, is the right alternative to conventional hospitalization, with the mission of promoting the autonomy and functional recovery of patients, who are in temporary need (during the acute phase of a disease, chronic or not) of hospital-level care, offering them a high-quality service with clinical rigor and a humanized view of Internal Medicine, whenever hospital stay is essential.

Home Hospitalization also means being in the comfort of your home, closer to your family.

Puro Cuidado puts this service at your disposal, being at the forefront of it.

What is Home Hospitalization?

Home Hospitalization consists of a hospital care model for the acute patient, which presents pathologies of high complexity, whose care is provided at the patient’s home and not in a hospital context.

The decision of the patient being admitted to his home will always require a medical evaluation of his condition, to analyze its complexity, so that the most efficient and effective therapeutic plan is defined. After this phase, the multidisciplinary team of professionals from Puro Cuidado will proceed with the plan, in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Puro Cuidado

Home Hospitalization Main Advantages

100% personalized service, taking into account the patient’s clinical condition, provided in the comfort of his home by qualified professionals;
Exclusive dedication of a specialized team to the patient in question, whose only focus will be his recovery;
Reduction of complications related to hospitalization – physical (falls, hospital infections, among others) and psychological (depression resulting from prolonged hospitalizations, feeling of abandonment, among others);
Reduction of the average hospital stay.

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