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Nursing Care and Assistance
Monitoring of chronic situations, high degree of dependence or convalescence, which require specific care, such as: supervision in the administration of medications (upon presentation of prescription), change of wound dressings, algalizations, injections, clinical analyzes, vaccines, treatment of bed sores, among others.
Psychological Monitoring
Psychological support to meet the needs of our clients and their families, to contribute to their balance and well-being.
This is a service that seeks to maintain, restore movement and functional capacity of our clients, in situations of joint and bone changes, neural dysfunction, decreased muscle strength, cardiovascular changes and respiratory changes.
Speech Therapy
Activities in the field of prevention, evaluation, and treatment of human communication disorders, encompassing not only all the functions associated with the understanding and expression of oral and written language, but also other forms of non-verbal communication.
Medical Assistance
Through this service our clients can obtain specialized medical appointments by one of our doctors at any time of the day, at home – Free medical assistance service!
Palliative Care
Palliative care focuses on promoting the comfort, dignity, and quality of life of people of any age group in who incurable, progressive and advanced diseases exclude the possibility of a complete recovery.

Under these circumstances, Puro Cuidado combines the competence and rigor of home care with a humanized approach of the service to be provided, in absolute respect for the needs and desires of patients, to maximize their well-being.

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